There are different kinds of lice found on the human body. They are pubic lice, body lice and head lice. Pubic lice are tiny insects that are found near the hair and skin of the pubic area. They can also be found in chest hair, but that is not very common. Then we have body lice. Clothes may be beds and move on the body to feed. Body lice are common in the unhygienic population because they can be easily removed while taking a bath. The heads are the most common type of lice we find in humans. They can crawl from one person to another person very easily. This is mostly found in children.

Following are the sign how to know if you have lice;
- The first thing that you undergo is the tickling feeling like something is moving all over your head.
- You will start feeling itching, which is the most common sign of lice. There is an itching sensation because of the allergic reaction that is caused due to the bites of lice.
- In the first four weeks, the itching won't be noticeable. If you sense something is tickling, don't ignore it because it will just grow day by day
- After 4 to 6 weeks, they start to have eggs which are called nits. Nits are very difficult to see with our eyes as they are very tiny and stick to the hair strands.
- Nits can be spotted in the hair near the ears or back of the neck. They can be mistaken for dandruff because they look just like that, very tiny and white, but unlike dandruff, nits are very difficult to be taken out if they stick to your hair.
- After so many weeks, you will have intense itching on your head because the lice must have grown to a huge amount.
- This intense itching can lead to scratches or red-colored bumps on your scalp, neck and sometimes on your shoulder as well. These bumps get infected with bacteria then.
By reading the signs of having head lice, you must have understood that lice are not just small insects that crawl over your head but cause a lot more damage than we can imagine. So if you notice a louse or feel something moving on your hair, just don't ignore it but instead, get the easy solution with Novokid’s 100% natural how do i know if i have lice.

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